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International Cat Show in Skierniewice (FIFE)

Xajlin Johnny (open class) - 1xEx2, 1xEx1, 1xCAC, BIV TOTAL !!!!
Xajlin got a Special Prize from a judge Nurit Pahl - Judge's Sweetheart !!! :))

Nikkole van Ter Heide (open class) - 2xEx1, 2xCAC, NOM BIS

Ondine Cherry Land*PL (7-10 month class) - 2xEx1, NOM BIS

We are very happy for the results of the show! :)

A few pictures from the show:





And the next fantastic news from Germany!!!

During the weekend 11.12.04 there also was an International Cat Show in Hochstadt/Bavaria.

Our graduate Narciso Cherry Land*PL, the young 6,5 months old boy, won

We are happy and proud! Congratulations to his owner Tatjana! :)

A few pictures from the show:


Fantastic news from International Cat Show WCF Magdeburg

Our graduate Naomagic Cherrry Land*PL, 6,5 months old girl achieved:

2xEx1, 2xCACJ, 2xBIV TOTAL, Ring Kitten: 2nd and 6th place!!!!!!

We are very proud of her!!!

Congratulaions to the owners!!!

Some pictures from the show:


International Cat Show WCF Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

A big success for our cattery!!!!

These are our cups from two-day show:

Our three cats participated in this show: Nikkole van Ter Heide (11 months old, first time in the adult class), Quattro von den Lippwiesen (7 months old in junior class) and Oiro Cherry Land*PL (5,5 months old, in kitten class).

And here are the results:

Nikkole - 2xEx1, 2xCAC, 2xBIV TOTAL, 2xNOM BIS, BEST IN SHOW, BEST OF BEST 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring Adult - 4th place !!!

Some pictures from the show:

Oiro - 2xEx1, 2xCACP, KITTEN CHAMPION Completed, 2xNOM BIS, BEST OPPOSITE SEX, BEST IN SHOW KITTEN 3-6 months !!!!!!!!

Oiro's pictures:

Quattro - 2xEx1, 2xCACJ, 2xNOM BIS, 2xBEST IN SHOW YOUNG !!!

Ring Kitten - 2nd place!!!

Some pictures of Quattro:

We are very very happy and proud of our sweethearts!!!!!!


Fantastic news from France !!!

International Cat Show in Fourques

Our graduate Ombre Cherry Land*PL, 4,5 months old boy
Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS !!!!!

We are very proud of our little boy ;) Big congratulations to his owner Catherine Pons!!!


International Cat Show in Warsaw FIFE

Nikkole van Ter Heide - 2xEx1, 2xNOM BIS, 1xBIV TOTAL
Quattro von den Lippwiesen - 2xEx1, 1xNOM BIS, 1xBIV TOTAL
Oiro Cherry Land*PL - 2xEx1

We are very proud and happy :)

Pictures from this cat show:



Oiro with Gina Grob :)


We have just received wonderful news from the International Cat Show in Toruń WCF.

Our breeding girl Naomagic Cherry Land*PL in the age of 4,5 months, participated in her first cat show. She gained fantastic results:

2xEx1, 2xCACP, 2xNOM BIS, BEST IN SHOW KITTEN SH !!!!!!!!!!!!


We congratulate the owner of our beautiful girl Edyta Żmijewska and we wish many successes in the future!!!!!!

Naomagic with her owner:


We have put new pictures of our fantastic teddy bear Oliver. On February 24th Oliver will be 4 years old and he is still so beautiful with a wonderful character boy. Please feel invited to Oliver's Photo Gallery and here are some of the pictures:


International Cat Show in Łódź TICA

Our lilac boy Quattro participated in this show and he achieved wonderful results:

Best of Colour - 6x1st place, 2x2nd place
Best of Division - 6x 1st place, 2x 3rd place
Best of Breed - 6x 1st place, 2x 3rd place
Finals: 1x 1st place, 2x 2nd place, 1x 4th place, 1x 5th place, 1x 6th, 1x 7th

We are so proud and happy!!!!!

Click in the link: TV comments from the cat show with our Quattro

Pictures from the show:

A judge Phillipa Homes (Great Britain)

A judge Massimo Picardello (Italy)

A judge Jane Allen (Great Britain)

A judge Pascal Remy (France)


International Cat Show in Warsaw FIFE

And the next a very successful show :)
Our three cats participated in the cat show: Nikkole, Quattro and Susi
Here are the result of the two-days show:
Nikkole - 2xEx1, 1xNOM BIS
Quattro - 2xEx1
Susi - 2xEx1, 2xNOM BIS
We are very happy for such results!!!

A few pictures from this cat show:

Nikkole in Best in Show

Nikkole and a judge Sebastian Pruchniak ;)

Nikkole and a judge Kveta Mahelkova

Susi in Best in Show and a judge Sebastian Pruchniak ;)

Susi on the judge table with Irek Pruchniak

And our beautiful Quattro in the show cage


International Cat Show in Piaseczno WCF

Excellent start to the year for our kennel !!!!

We have participated in an exhibition organized by the WCF (World Cat Federation).

We took 4 of our kittens: Nikkole van Ter Heide, Quattro von den Lippwiesen, Susi von Alethela and our youngest blue male kitten born in our cattery Oiro Cherry Land * PL.

And here are the results of a two-day exhibition:

Quattro von den Lippwiesen - our new lilac male 2xEx1, 2xCACP, 2xBIV TOTAL (best British cat in lilac color on this show), 2xNOM BIS (nominated to the finals), 1xBOS - Best Opposite Sex (best male kitten in age from 3 to 6 months) !!!!!!!!!

Ring Kitten - 8th place (out of 31 cats of different breeds in the ring)

Oiro Cherry Land*PL - 2xEx1, 2xCACP, 2xNOM BIS (nominated to the finals), 1xBIV TOTAL (the best blue British cat on this exhibition, out of 12 cats) !!!!!!!!

Ring Kitten - 7th place (out of 31 cats of different breeds)

Nikkole van Ter Heide - 2xEx1, 2xCACJ, 2xNOM BIS

Susi von Alethela - our red beauty 2xEx1, 2xCACP, 2xNOM BIS

We are very happy and proud of our kittens!!!!!!!!!

* * *
As if these successes were not enough, we have also received information that the cat comes from our breeding kennel living in Czankra*PL - CH Kimmie-Lou Cherry Land PL, this weekend at the show in Ostrava graduated the title of International Champion and obtained the following results:

2xEx1, 2xCACIB, 2xBIV TOTAL (best blue tortie on this show), 2xNOM BIS (nominated to the finals) and BIS Adult Cat III and BEST OF BEST 1 (Best of the Best - the best cat in the whole show) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on such a great success to cat owners: Anna and Krzysztof Czyżkowscy !!!!!! We are also very proud and happy !!!!!!